Whilst LHPP develop projects stand alone, they also partner with landowners and other developers to bring projects to life. LHPP know from experience that  partnerships are built around the key fundamentals of integrity, loyalty, transparency, passion, enthusiasm, enjoyment and creation of mutual value.   

As a locally based, family owned business LHPP values long term industry partnerships where our capital and / or expertise can  de-risk and unlock projects, and ultimately maximise returns for all parties.  

As an example of this, LHPP have a longstanding relationship with Halcyon, who are recognised as Australia’s most awarded developer for over 50’s communities. LHPP works together with Halcyon to facilitate and drive the development management of Halcyon’s new projects including but not limited to acquisition, concept design, feasibility analysis, development approvals and delivery strategy. 

Halcyon Logo
Halcyon is currently expanding operations in South East Queensland. Halcyon initially engaged LHPP in 2014 to augment internal resourcing at the acquisition, design and approvals phases of our projects. Based on their performance and ability to add value we have integrated their services in all aspects of the delivery of Halcyon Communities, now providing strategic advice and consultation on all projects.

Paul Melville
Managing Director, Halcyon

This drive for mutual value creation has extended to numerous partnerships with various landowners, who contributed the land toward a project, with LHPP contributing the capital, the expertise and relationships /personal guarantees required for bank funding in exchange for a share in the project profits. The result is a significant increase in what a landowner can realise for their asset compared to an outright sale, for limited additional risk. 

LHPP prides itself on the positive relationships that have been fostered over the years with project partners and landowners, and look forward to nurturing many more in the years to come.